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Kramerica Industries
Babu's Dream Cafe
Schnitzer's Bakery
Kruger Industrial Smoothing
Kenny Rogers Roasters Chicken
China Panda
Hennigan's Scotch
The Human Fund

Before the Vandelay Invitational, I was living in the shadows, living in the darkness... like you. In fact, I can barely see you. Anyways, the Vandelay Invitational has an awesome shark tank and world-class bathrooms, too!

– H.E. Pennypacker, a Wealthy Industrialist
Our Mission

The importer exporter of all things latex. Since our start in 1992, our Founder, Art Vandelay, and CEO, Kel Varnsen, have lead the field in latex research and manufacturing for over 20 years. The Vandelay Invitational is both an accomplishment and celebration for our incredible team, sponsors, and those who wish us well.

Just remember, you cannot clean the ball unless it's on the green.

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